Women’s Work 2018 – Artwork


The art work for the 2018 Festival is by Belfast based illustrator Fiona McDonnell.

After moving back to Belfast in 2014, Fiona began making work inspired by the people, places, events, and causes she cares about. She has worked with a number of local creative businesses and projects. Particularly in the local music scene ie. Help Musicians NI, Hidden Machine Promotions, Women’s Work, The Live Room Belfast, Robocobra Quartet, No Oil Paintings, Goldie Fawn, Beauty Sleep, Ponyhawke, Venus Dupree, Pixie Saytar, Heliopause and AE Mak.

This year we wanted to link in with the feel and tone of the centenary year of the Representation of The People Act 1918, something that became a milestone event in the in the fight for democratic equality, which is still being fought today around the world in different forms. We think Fiona hit the nail on the head. Lot’s of brilliant detail and hidden meaning if you look close enough – some inspiration from images of real life Suffragettes too in there.

For more info go to Fiona McDonnell


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